What Roe Reversal Means for Abortion in Tennessee

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade, the decision that made abortion legal at the national level. This means that the legality of abortion moved back to the states and each state has its own laws about abortion pills and procedures.    No matter what changes in the months or years ahead, we’re committed […]

Taking Care of Yourself After an Abortion

If you’ve recently had an abortion, we are here for you. We understand the complex emotions surrounding an abortion decision and can provide practical advice on how to take care of yourself after an abortion. Considering an abortion or looking for self-managed abortion information? Make an appointment today for a free consultation and if needed, […]

6 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health When Facing a Pregnancy Decision

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and trying to sort through your options, you might feel overwhelmed, confused about what to do, and even alone. But you’re not alone. While the rate of unintended pregnancies has improved in the last couple of decades, it still hovers around 45 percent – meaning nearly half of all […]

Emergency Contraceptives and Morning-After Pills

If you’ve recently had unprotected sex or experienced birth control failure, you may be looking for more information on morning-after pills and emergency contraception to prevent a possible pregnancy.  Learn more about the different types of emergency contraceptives, how it works, and what they do.  Note: If you are already experiencing pregnancy symptoms, make an […]

Sex, Fire and Your Future

Sex is a lot like fire.  Fire is powerful. When used in the proper context, it can accomplish amazing things – warmth, light, fuel, power, and ambiance. Campfire smores, Independence Day fireworks, and even the moon landing would not be possible without fire. When fire remains in the confines of a campfire circle, fireplace, or […]