16 and Pregnant

Shame-Free Services and Support

The test was positive. I couldn’t believe it. Even while I was staring down at that pink plus sign, I was still holding on to hope that somehow the test was wrong and I really wasn’t pregnant. I was only 16 and had my whole life ahead of me. A baby wouldn’t work with the plans I had made to finish high school and go off to college the next year.

I wanted to have an abortion. I kept thinking I could just make it all go away.

Nobody had to know, right? 

I wouldn’t even have to tell my parents. 

I can get the abortion pill and then move on with my life. 

Except I knew deep down that wasn’t true…

The real reason I wanted an abortion was because I was filled with so much shame. I didn’t want to walk through the halls of my high school with a big pregnant belly, showing all my secrets to the world. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents who had big dreams for my future.

I started researching abortion procedures and was shocked to find out that my baby already had a heartbeat, arms, legs, and so much more. I wasn’t dealing with a little clump of cells like I originally thought. I couldn’t go through with an abortion after learning the truth about the already-formed baby I was carrying in secret.

Once I made up my mind to continue on with my pregnancy, I was determined to not let this be the end of my story. My parents were initially disappointed with the news of their daughter facing a teen pregnancy, but that quickly turned into unconditional support.

My baby didn’t ruin my life or end my dreams. I worked hard and graduated from high school, and went on to a local college where I graduated with a nursing degree. I am here to prove to you that you are stronger than you think.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, that doesn’t mean the end of your story. Yes, the story might look a little different than you planned, but you can have your baby and your dreams too! 

Don’t let shame rule your decision. Regardless of the choice you make, there is no shame here at our center. 

Contact us for free pregnancy medical services, abortion education, and empowering options. You’ll also have a team of supportive women to show you the love, compassion, and respect you deserve through your pregnancy decision and beyond.